It’s been a year since Uppsala Parkour Girl’s Gathering where we had Dan, Naomi and Annty from Parkour Generations over, a total of 42 girls day 1 (world record) and over 100 participants during day 2.

Now it’s time for UPPSALA PARKOUR GIRL’S GATHERING 2! We’ve decided to make this an annual jam!

Day 1, Saturday 17th of September, girls ONLY.
Day 2, Sunday 18th of September, guys and girls.

Both days are open for everyone from beginners that never tried Parkour before to experienced practitioners.

TIME: Saturday 12:00-18:00, Sunday 12.00-18.00
LOCATION: The big fountain at the Uppsala Central Station both days.
FEE: Free.
REGISTRATION: Just click attend on this facebook event =)
AGE LIMIT: 15 years or older.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Bring a bottle of water, Be dressed in comfortable training clothes, that you can move freely in.

On Saturday, 17th of September, there will be a workshop for girls only. It will be a day of training with the goal to motivate and help participants to discover and evolve within Parkour. The workshops will be held outdoors in central parts of Uppsala. The jam kicks off at the big fountain at the Uppsala Central station at 12:00.

On Sunday, 18th of September there will be a full-day training for both guys and girls.
Both days are starting with a lead training session for 2-3h to get everybody kicked off and the day will continue thereafter until the energy runs out.

For questions email us at or call/text Therese Gunnarsson, 0736- 347820 or Karin Berglund, 0703-909336

See you soon and remember to spread the word! =)

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